Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mount Carmel Hermitage

Receive in the mail today a short note from the Abbot of Mount Carmel Hermitage in Christoval, TX. Fr. Fabian and I have enjoyed a long friendship for over some twenty-five years. It has been a joy to see the progress they have made at the Hermitage from a single dedicated priest with his trusty canine companion, Br. Andy, to the current population of brothers present.  

The planting of Mt Carmel Hermitage served as the nucleus for the cloister; Carmel of Our Lady of Grace, also located in Christoval down the road a few miles. All of this has come about due to the prayers and dedication along with the never ceasing efforts of Fr. Fabian. 

Most certainly the Hermitage and Carmelite Sisters remain in our daily devotions and hopefully in yours.

If there are those who would like to help either of these outstanding institutions there is a link on each of their websites where donations may be entered.