Thursday, January 26, 2006

Do you only profess or really practice your faith?

Looking at today’s rampant slide of many churches from the profession and practice of their traditional beliefs to the quagmire of so called political correctness in religion, many of us have been caught up in speaking out of the both sides of our mouths. One side we state that our religion is based on the tenets and beliefs held dear for so many years. These beliefs were and are biblically based with out any room for political correctness or interpolation. On the other side deviant lifestyles that were totally out of step with mainline Christianity are now being condoned by some. Fornication along with homosexuality, were and still are gross sins and fly in the face of our Creator. One did not have to make justification for those that engaged in these acts, they were wrong and accepted by the traditional church as wrong. Recent research in genetics has firmly established that this deviant lifestyle is not forced upon individuals by some horrible mistake of nature at birth but rather is solely a matter of that individual’s choice.

At this point in time we now have a national church that openly condones these acts even among their clergy including Bishops and the churches membership as a whole does not seem to have the strength of character or Christian morals to rise up against these gross infractions. I can remember growing up in the ranching area of East Texas hearing the old timers say “His word ain’t no good cause he talks out of both sides of his mouth” What they were saying was that individual would tell you one thing and do just the opposite of what he had professed. It met, to them, that his word and value as an individual was to be questioned. This may well referr to the members of those churches who profess to believe the bible and the teachings of Christ but allow this to happen without doing any thing about it. They continue to frequent those churches that condone those acts that are in contradiction to biblical teaching. They continue to attend, tolerate, fund and support those institutions that condone and promote these acts. In all truth they, therefore, speak out of both sides of their mouths

I continue to hear those dear friends caught up in this religious quagmire say “Our church is such a beautiful church and I just hate to leave it”. Remember well that our Christian fore fathers, in the face of death if discovered, met in the fields, upon hilltops and in the catacombs in defiance of others, so strong was their faith. I have also heard other church members say “we have so many friends here and I just can’t leave my bridge group or my golf group”

The question at this point is what is more important to us as so called Christians, our social life, a nice building or the true salvation of our souls? The bible teaches that no man or woman can serve two God’s.

Which God do you choose?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

One step forward

This is the old deacons first attempt to enter the world of blogging. Stay posted for further developments